TrustZone VPN Review

TrustZone VPN Review

More and more people are using VPNs nowadays. 

In case you didn’t know, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and, in a nutshell, a VPN is something that can help to keep your information secret and maintain your privacy when you use the internet, as well as sometimes being able to help you access content that would normally be blocked in your country or region.  

Today, we’re looking at TrustZone VPN – is it a viable choice for your privacy needs?  We’ll go over the good and the bad points about it here and give a verdict so that you can decide whether it’s right for you. 

Let’s get into it!


TrustZone VPN is a Seychelles-based VPN service that’s pretty simple and straightforward.  It more or less covers the basics as far as VPNs go, without doing anything too fancy or unusual.

There are a few areas where it falls short, but it’s still certainly worthy of consideration.  We’ll go into its pros and cons in detail now.

Security Features

Just like any other VPN worth its salt, TrustZone will provide strong encryption for your IP address, using the industry-standard 256-bit AES.  This ensures that your IP address will be hidden not only from your internet service provider but also any other third parties. 

Regarding its privacy policy, the company also pledges to keep no logs of your activity, which is an obvious plus for your privacy, and means that your online activity will be kept secret.

Our tests didn’t reveal any IP or DNS leaks, which is reassuring.  However, TrustZone does not include a killswitch. A killswitch is a function that automatically severs your device’s connection to the internet in the event that the VPN connection is lost.

This is useful for maintaining privacy in those circumstances, so it would have been nice for TrustZone to include it, like some of its competitors do(for example, Kaspersky).  

As we mentioned, the company is headquartered in the Seychelles.  This is a good thing for those particularly concerned with keeping their internet activity private, because the Seychelles is outside the jurisdiction of the world’s intelligence-sharing alliances (such as the Five Eyes alliance).

This means that the Seychelles government is unlikely to pass any details about TrustZone to any foreign power, which would undermine your security and privacy.

The company also publishes something called “warrant canary” which allows you to check whether the company has ever been asked by any government or government agency to provide any kind of data about its users. 

At the time of writing, they never have been and their transparency on this matter is certainly refreshing to see.


One of the reasons that some people like to use VPNs is to access streaming services that are region locked (e.g. to access the US Netflix library from the UK or vice versa).  

However, TrustZone’s use for this purpose is unfortunately limited. While we were able to access some streaming sites in our test (HBO Max, for example), there were several others we couldn’t (including Amazon Prime, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer). 

Another thing to take into account when it comes to streaming is speeds, of course, so let’s talk about that next.


As we tested them, the speeds were nothing special, but generally sufficient for most needs, like streaming and downloading files. 

There can be a sharper than average drop-off when you connect to a server that’s a significant distance from your actual location – possibly something to do with the small overall number of servers – but sticking to your own continent generally seems to mitigate these problems.

However, one thing we did note is that the speeds are not always stable.  You might find that connecting to a certain server produces adequate or good speeds at one time, but slower ones at another time.  This can be frustrating if you’re trying to do something with a lot of data.

The main casualty of this is streaming – if you’re using a server at a busy time, streaming in 4K is going to prove pretty difficult, although in our tests, download speeds, even for torrenting and large files, seemed to stay reasonable. 

Just bear in mind that average speeds might vary depending on your own location.


TrustZone VPN operates 164 servers in 94 different territories across the world.  While this might sound like a lot, it’s actually fairly small as far as VPNs go.  

While there are a lot of options in Europe (there are 34 European servers, for example) and North America (as well as 6 in Australia), your choices will be significantly more limited outside these areas. 

There are just 8 servers for all of Asia (including two in Israel) and the continents of Africa and South America have only one server each (in South Africa and Brazil respectively). 

This small number of VPN servers can lead to reduced speeds through overcrowding and, since speeds are typically higher when you’re connected to a server closer to you, users in areas without many servers nearby might struggle.

That said, this will be much less of a problem if you’re in one of the locations with a number of servers.

If speed and the number and location of servers is an important consideration for you, then please read our review of the Kaspersky VPN. Whilst more expensive than TrustZone, it does excel in these areas.

Subscription Plans And Pricing

This is one of TrustZone’s strong points – the VPN service comes at an affordable price.  You can choose from four different plans: 1 month, 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years.  All of them allow for unlimited bandwidth and access to all the VPN’s servers.  However, they differ in how many simultaneous connections they permit – either three or five. 

Predictably enough, the 1-month option only allows for thee simultaneous connections.  This might be enough for most people, but could be a problem if you’re planning to share your VPN with someone else it might not be.  

If you’re planning to share it between a family, then even five might not really be enough for everyone, and you might be better off looking at another option if that’s the case.  Regardless, the prices are notably lower than those of most of their competitors.

There is also a money-back guarantee, though it works slightly differently to a lot of other VPN’s guarantees.  With TrustZone, you can request a full refund within ten days of signing up to the service, but only as long as you’ve used less than 1 GB of bandwidth traffic in that time. 

Other VPNs offer slightly more generous money-back guarantees (such as iTop), but, on the other hand, TrustZone is cheaper than most of them to start with.

Free Trial

Before you choose a plan, though, it might be a good idea for you to try TrustZone’s free trial.  You don’t need to provide any payment information to do this – an email address is enough – so there’s no need to worry about paying for a full subscription without realizing it.

The trial itself is only three days, which is a little short (Kaspersky’s is a week, for example), and it’s limited to only 1 GB of data transfer. However, it still has full functionality, so it should be enough for you to test out everything you want to check before you decide whether to buy.

Payment Options

Payment Options

TrustZone VPN is very accommodating when it comes to payment options. All major credit and debit cards are accepted, including American Express.  You can also use PayPal and other services like AliPay and UnionPay.  

Special mention goes to the flexibility of paying by Bitcoin and several other crypto currencies: not only can you use them, but you’ll even get a 10% discount if you choose to pay that way. Note that this is not a common feature of VPN services; Kaspersky, for example, does not offer this flexibility.

If crypto payments are important to you then you should also consider the KeepSolid VPN, which offers payment by Bitcoin.


We’ve already mentioned that you’ll be able to use the VPN on either three or five different devices, depending on which subscription you opt for. 

TrustZone offers dedicated apps for both Windows and Android, but not for other systems like Mac or iOS.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t use them on those formats, however – you can, it just means that you’ll have to do a bit of setting up manually

While this is a touch annoying, it’s nothing too difficult and TrustZone’s website has detailed instructions on how to do it.

You can also manually set it up on other devices like games consoles, Amazon Fire Stick, Smart TVs etc.

Customer Service

We’ll start with a negative – TrustZone doesn’t have a 24-hour live chat customer service function, unlike some of its rivals.  However, their email support system is good. 

You can count on prompt responses full of useful information, no matter what you’re having trouble with, as well as access to lots of helpful manuals and guides for various different aspects of the service.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the take-home message about this VPN is that it’s reasonably priced and solid enough when it comes to the basics, despite its lack of many extra features.  

If you’re looking for a high-performance VPN with all the bells and whistles, then this is not it.  If you’re looking for a budget option that will keep your information safe and can handle standard streaming and downloading, then this might be what you’re looking for.

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