Opting Out – Turn On Or Off Individual Companies

When using the internet, you may question what your choices are, especially when it comes to advertisements. Luckily, you have the option to choose between different internet preferences, such as whether or not you would like to receive online behavioral advertising. 

Whilst online behavioral advertising allows you to have a more personalized experience whilst using the internet, you may decide that due to how you use the computer, (for example, if you are using a shared account, as the information gathered will not be as specific, and any advertisements may still be irrelevant), online behavioral advertising is unnecessary.

This is why websites need to allow you to make a choice when it comes to receiving these services. 

Before choosing to turn off online behavioral advertising, it may be important to note: 

Although you may choose to turn off online behavioral advertising, this decision will not actually prevent you from seeing advertisements when you are using the internet.

Online behavioral advertising is based on your preferences and gives you the opportunity for a much more personalized experience whilst using the internet. This means that the advertisements that you may see whilst browsing online with online behavioral advertising enabled are more targeted to your individual needs and interests.

Online behavioral advertising is an anonymous service, and as a result,  it shouldn’t ever jeopardize your security. 

By turning off online behavioral advertising, you will actually find that the advertising you are presented with whilst you are using the internet will not necessarily be tailored to your interests in the same way that online behavioral advertising allows it to be tailored, and you will likely see an increase in the adverts that you find disinteresting or irrelevant as a result.

This is because online behavioral advertising is only one specific type of advertising, and there are many others that you will receive whether you alter your ad choices or not.

Online behavioral advertising uses cookies to personalize this experience. 

Cookies are used to save preferential information that the website you are using is able to gather from your previous visits, allowing you to have a much easier, personal experience whilst using the website.

Cookies improve the way you use things such as your emails, or online shopping sites, by saving certain options or preferences you have toggled on the site. 

You can choose to manage your cookies preferences by going to the privacy settings on your browser. This will allow you to opt-in or out of cookies, as well as choosing whether to allow all cookies or just the cookies the website needs to allow you to use their services effectively.

Be cautious when doing this, however, as you will remove any preferences that you have made using whichever site you choose to remove cookies on. It might be an idea to check your chosen preferences for this option every so often, just to make sure that the options you have chosen concerning cookies are relevant to you. 

Dale Williams