VeePN Review & Test

VeePN offers relatively cheap monthly fees, which might leave you wondering if you can really expect fast speeds and great features from them. Overall, this is a service that does offer some good features, but it may be that there are other VPNs available within a similar price range. Really, it will all depend on what you are looking for. 

There are so many things that you will need to think about when it comes to choosing the right VPN for you, which is why it is so important to do your research before you decide which service to go for. 

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at VeePN and telling you everything that you need to know about the service. You can read our extensive review below to find out if VeePN is something that you are interested in, and whether or not it is worth your time and money. 

What You Need To Know About VeePN

  • Limited Unblocking Capability – VeePN is unable to bypass all geoblocks. It will allow you to access Netflix outside of your country, but it cannot access many other services, unlike alternative VPNs. 
  • Strong Security Features – VeePN will work to protect your data with 256-bit encryption and a kill switch, which gives you some peace of mind.
  • Slower Average Speeds – Unfortunately, even though this is a large network, VeePNs speeds are quite a bit slower than some of the other top competitors. Speed results can vary for different network locations.
  • Excellent Privacy – VeePN features a strict no-logs policy and homebase in Panama, which is great news for users. VeePN will ensure that you are kept anonymous. 
  • Safe Torrenting – VeePN allows for P2P transfers on all its servers, but the speeds might not be as good as you had hoped.
  • Intuitive Setup – You will be able to subscribe to, install, and connect to VeePN within just a few minutes, and the setup process is made to be very simple. The service also features a one-click connection that makes it simple to switch between servers.
  • Useful Adblocker – VeePNs NetGuard works very reliably to keep unwanted ads and pop ups at bay.
  • Poor Customer Support – Unfortunately, VeePNs customer support is not up to scratch, and many users have complained about this. There is no live chat function to utilize, and often the company does not get back to you.
  • Up to 10 Simultaneous Devices – Something that is worth being aware of is the fact that you can also buy additional connections at a relatively low cost.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – There is a 30-day money back guarantee available with VeePN, but it is only available for longer-term subscriptions. 

The Key Features Of VeePN

  • Low Cost – $1.67 a month
  • You can use 10 devices per license
  • Money back guarantee – 30 days
  • There are 2500 servers
  • There is a kill switch
  • VPN does not keep logs
  • It is based in Panama
  • It does not support torrenting
  • Limited unblocking capabilities – Netflix only

Unblocking Capabilities

Unfortunately, VeePN has limited unblocking capabilities. While you will be able to access various different Netflix libraries, including the US, UK, Japan, India, and Argentina, you will not be able to unblock much else. Other streaming services like HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer all detect the VPN immediately.

When it comes to ITV Hub and BBC Iplayer, none of the 3 VPN servers in the UK were able to unblock them. If these are your favorite streaming services, then it is time to look elsewhere. Even if you were to try to connect through several US servers, you will still not be able to access services like HBO Max, Disney+, or Hulu.

All of the 12 Netflix servers can be successfully unlocked using VeePN, but unfortunately, that is about as much as you are going to get using this VPN.

If you are only looking to access Netflix, then this is substantial enough, but if you are hoping to access other streaming services, then this is not the VPN for you. There are various other VPNs that are much more reliable. 

Average Speeds Of VeePN

While this is a budget VPN, you will likely still be disappointed to find that VeePN does not offer the super fast speeds that it claims to.

You will most likely be able to stream in HD with most of the servers, but the speeds are not as impressive as they are made out to be. There are many faster alternative VPNs available that offer better speeds.

Some of the best speeds that you will find are in Vancouver, Canada, and these are the excellent speeds that most people are hoping for.

There is an average download speed of around 327 Mbps, and upload speeds of around 15 Mbps. The ping, which is the response time from your device to the server, can offer you a relatively good 13 ms.

If these were the speeds that you could find across the entirety of the servers, then it would make this VPN much better, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

You will find that once you connect to any of the US servers, your download speeds will drop to below 100 Mbps, and the ping rate will also increase to more than 5 times the speeds that you can get from the Canada server.

This is nowhere near the speeds that the company claims to be offering, which is a bit of a disappointment to say the least. 

Some other slow speeds that you will be met with are those that are on the Texas server, which are likely to slow you down considerably.

The worst speeds that you will encounter are on the Africa and South Asia servers, but this is to be expected, as your data will have to travel further to reach the server and come back again. This server is where you will find the biggest increase in ping and decrease in download speeds.

As well as this, you can also expect a major speed decrease if you are using VeePN’s Bangalore and Cairo servers. So, overall, the speeds that you get with VeePN are disappointing. You could argue that you get what you pay for, but there are other budget VPNs that can offer better.

If you are using any other server than Canada, you are likely to be met with frustratingly slow speeds, and if you have a low base speed, it is going to make it almost impossible for you to do things as simple as browsing the internet, let alone streaming your favorite movies and tv shows.

Are VeePN’s Speeds Fast Enough For Gaming?

The speeds that you can get with VeePN will only be fast enough for gaming on certain servers. As long as you are connected to the fastest server that you can find, then you should be able to game without any lag or other interruptions.

VeePN does not limit your bandwidth or data, so you shouldn’t experience any issues with gaming for long periods of time. 

You do also have the option to install VeePN on your router, which would allow you to connect to gaming consoles that would not normally support VPNs, so you can connect devices like your Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch.

However, you should know that the ping will increase quite a bit if you connect to servers that are far away, which means that you are quite limited when it comes to connecting to international game servers. The latency that this results in can make competitive gaming almost impossible.

If you want to use a VPN specifically for gaming purposes, then you might want to consider an alternative.

Server Network Coverage

VeePN claims that it has more than 2500 servers in 50 locations across 50 countries. This would mean that it has a decent sized network in comparison to lots of other services.

However, the actual number of servers that are available for you to access is much lower than this impressive number. It seems as though, yet again, VeePN is claiming to have much more on offer than it actually does. 

It would be much more beneficial for the company to update their website with the right figures when it comes to all of their features, and this would allow paying customers to know exactly what to expect.

The way things currently are, they are only disappointing people. In addition to this, the server information that is on the VeePN website is not consistent with the information that is on the app.

With all of that being said, the one impressive thing about their servers is that they have servers in regions that even some of the top competitors are not in.

Some of the rare regions where they have servers include Egypt, Costa Rica, Russia, and the UAE. This would be perfect for people that are located in these regions, as they would be likely to experience faster speeds. 

VeePN Security

One of the best things about VeePN is their security, as they offer a kill switch, a strict no-logs policy, and 256-bit encryption. You will probably be happy to know that they use OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, which are known for being some of the safest and fastest protocols in the industry. 

VeePN also works to prevent any DNS leaks by avoiding external DNS providers. You can even do a leak test to confirm that this is the case, and it will not leak your real IP address. The company also works to prevent any additional information leaks, and it will block IPv6 and WebRTC.

This VPN features military grade AES-256 encryption, which is pretty impressive as it is the highest encryption available.

This means that it is basically made impossible for anyone to hack your connection and intercept your data while you are protected by this level of encryption. So, at the very least, you can be sure that you remain hidden and that your information is safe.

The kill switch is a feature that is very effective, and it is something that has been repeatedly tried and tested with excellent results.

The entire purpose of the kill switch is to shut down your internet connection if the VPN were to disconnect. This means that things like your IP address and DNS server requests will never be exposed to any of the apps or websites that you are using.

This is a super handy feature, as the last thing that you want is for your VPN to disconnect, leaving you exposed and defeating the purpose of using the VPN in the first place.

VeePN also uses the NetGuard feature which makes it much easier for you to block unwanted ads. It also means that you can block dangerous websites and online tracking.

This is a feature that is pretty easy to set up, and all that you have to do is access your privacy preferences within the app and tick the relevant boxes to enable the settings that you prefer. It really is as simple and straightforward as that.

Another great thing about this service is the fact that it is super quick and easy to change your privacy settings. 

The double VPN feature ensures that you will always have an extra layer of security by using VPN chaining. This means that your internet traffic will be encrypted twice by moving through two different servers, rather than just one server. This makes your activity almost impossible to track, which is what you want to hear.

You will also be glad to know that VeePN also allows you to have your own personal server that provides you with a static IP address. A static IP address is something that can come in handy if you want to take full advantage of all of the benefits that a VPN has to offer.

At the same time, you also won’t raise any suspicion within the websites that you are visiting. However, something like a banking website might block your account if you were to use multiple different IP addresses to access it, so you should avoid doing this.

Essentially, you can always be sure that your secrets are safe with VeePN. They even claim to only collect information that is necessary in order to run the VPN service, and it clearly outlines what information it collects and the reason behind it on their website. 

VeePN Privacy Policy

One thing that a lot of people like about VeePN is that they are very transparent about the data that they collect.

On their website, they state that they do not keep any records of your browsing history, downloads, IP address, DNS queries, or any device metadata. If you don’t want to read the full privacy policy, you can read our breakdown of it below.

The Privacy Policy States That VeePN Tracks: 

  • Account Information – They will retain your email address and name when you first set up your account.
  • Website Data – They will also hold on to any data about your website activity, and this is used to determine which pages are performing the best and improve on them.
  • Contact Information – VeePN will also keep a history of things like your support tickets and chats, and well as the email address that was used.
  • Service Logs – When you are connected to its clients, VeePN will retain the server that you are connected to, as well as the amount of data that you used, and the session time. However, it does not store your IP address.
  • Troubleshooting Records – VeePN will also collect things like crash reports, speed test results, and connection failure details within the app, as these things will help them to make improvements. Although, it is all fully anonymized.
  • Payment History – The final part of their privacy policy that you should be aware of is that they keep your order number, so that they can match the payment with the account. 

This is all normal data for a company to hold on to, and there is nothing out of the ordinary in their privacy policy.

Another added bonus of using VeePN is that it is a Panama based company, which means that it is outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances. This means that they shouldn’t be obligated to hand over any of your data to government intelligence agencies.

However, the company does state that they may share your information in certain circumstances, like in response to a subpoena. Although, due to the fact that they have a strict no-logs policy, they shouldn’t have anything to hand over in theory, even if this information has been legally requested.

What You Need To Know About Torrenting With VeePN

If you intend to torrent, then you should know that VeePN offers P2P support, they allow torrenting, and they do not place any caps on data or bandwidth. Due to the strong security and privacy protocols that are in place, it is pretty safe to assume that you can go ahead and torrent without any concerns. 

Although, there is a substantial speed drop of around 80% that can be very noticeable. It can take quite a long time for your files to download, so you will need to be willing to wait for quite a while.

This definitely isn’t the fastest VPN to use for the purpose of torrenting, but it does get the job done if you are willing to wait for the results.

Does VeePN Work In China? 

Yes, VeePN does work in China as it is able to bypass China’s firewall. The support team themselves have stated that the VPN should work in China, which means that you can still use the service if you are travelling to China. 

You will be able to switch protocols with ease within the settings of the app, but note that some protocols will use better encryption than others. This means that certain protocols find it much easier to bypass the firewall.

Once you have done so, we recommend that you connect to the servers in either Japan, Singapore, or Hong Kong for the fastest speeds while browsing from China.

Connecting Multiple Devices At Once

One of the VeePN features that is particularly useful is the fact that you can use the service on up to 10 different devices at the same time. This is an impressive feature that is a great option for allowing you to protect multiple devices at once.

VeePN is also compatible with routers, which means that you can even use it for protecting multiple devices in your household through just one connection. You could even use it with game consoles or other devices that do not normally support VPN connections.

Another unique feature to make note of is that you can buy extra device connections at quite a low price. You can pay for up to 100 connections, which makes VeePN an ideal choice for small businesses that wish to protect their employees’ devices.

What Platforms And Devices Is VeePN Compatible With?

VeePN is compatible with all major operating systems and browsers, including Android, macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. You should also know that it supports routers, so you can connect your Apple TV and gaming consoles to it too.

Is VeePN Easy To Use?

Yes, VeePN is very easy to use, and it offers you quick and easy set up and installation, and it is even made easier to browse and change all of your settings.

Everything is laid out to be as simple and straightforward as possible, so VeePN definitely gets top marks for ease of use. We will talk more about just how easy it is to use below.

Set-Up & Installation

Most people are impressed, if not a little surprised, by how simple and easy it is to install and start using VeePN. It takes no more than a few minutes to choose a plan and pay for it, and then install the VPN and connect it to a server.

This is super convenient as it takes up hardly any time at all, and it is the perfect choice for someone that is new to VPS and isn’t yet sure exactly how to use them.

The user interface is really easy to navigate, and once you have installed and opened the app, you will be greeted with a full list of the servers that VeePN has an offer. You can even use the ‘optimal location’ button to find the fastest server for you, based on your location.

Alternatively, you can simply choose from one of the 50 countries to connect to, and you will be ready to browse.

If you are looking for the best and fastest possible speeds, then we recommend that you use the ‘optimal location’ button.

You can even conveniently mark your favorite servers by clicking on the star that appears next to the country name once you have hovered over it. You can then choose between your favorites, which are much easier to find.

If you want to see all of the server locations that are within a country, you just need to click on the arrow that is next to the flag.

If you wish to disconnect from a server, then you can either click on the highly visible on/off power symbol on the right, or you can click on ‘disconnect’ from the VeePN icon in the taskbar.

How Much Does VeePN Cost?

When it comes to purchasing a VeePN subscription, you will be presented with 3 different subscription options.

The one that offers you the best value for money is the 5 year plan, which offers you an 85% discount and works out to be super low cost each month in comparison to the other plans that are available. The 5 year plan will cost you $1.67 a month, and you will pay this price for 5 years.

Alternatively, you can choose the 1 year plan, which will offer you a 47% discount if you subscribe for 1 year. The yearly plan will cost you $5.83 a month for 1 year.

The final plan that you are able to choose is the standard monthly plan, which does not include any discount, and it works out to be much more expensive than most top competitors of VeePN.

The monthly plan costs a total of $10.99 a month, meaning that you are almost paying 10x more for the standard monthly plan versus the 5 year plan. However, it is totally understandable why you might not want to commit to a service for 5 years.

Unfortunately, VeePN also doesn’t give you much of an opportunity to try the service out before you buy, as they only offer a 1 day free trial, which doesn’t really give you enough time to properly test it out.

However, they do offer customers a 30-day money back guarantee, but this is only when you sign up for either the one year or five year plans. If you decide to sign up to the 1 month plan, you will only get a 14 day money back guarantee.

You will be able to pay with all major credit cards, paypal, and alipay, and VeePN also uses a few different types of cryptocurrencies if you’re looking for a more discreet and private payment option.

VeePN does offer great value for money when you consider its security features, ease of use, and the fact that you can use up to 10 different devices at once. It is up to you to weigh the pros and the cons to decide if it is worth the price for you.

Do VeePN Offer Good Customer Support?

The customer support from VeePN is not as good as many of the other companies that are on the market. They do offer support through a live chat and email, but the live chat is not 24/7. 

The response and wait times from VeePN can be quite inconsistent. Sometimes you will get a quick and prompt response, other times you will be left waiting, or not answered at all. They definitely have room to improve on this side of things. 

However, one good thing about their customer support is that all of your chats will automatically be emailed to you, so you have proof of the conversation, and you can refer back to what has been said.


Overall, there are many good things on offer with VeePN, but there are some other things that let them down as a whole.

They definitely need to work on providing customers with more accurate information, and they could certainly improve their customer support response times. Lots of people have complained about not receiving a response at all, and this isn’t ideal.

This service is great for unblocking Netflix in various regions, and it offers excellent security features. You can use it on up to 10 different devices at once, and it is completely safe for you to use.

There are excellent security and privacy features, as well as a skill switch and a no logs policy, so you can be sure that you can browse while knowing that all of your data is secure.

However, the main let down of the VPN service occurs when it comes to streaming. The majority of streaming services will not be available when you are using this VPN as it is unable to unblock them. As well as this, the speeds are not always as great as VeePN makes them out to be, which is problematic. 

If you are simply looking for a basic VPN that will allow you to watch Netflix, or you just want to remain unseen on the internet, then this could be the perfect VPN for you.

If you want to access various streaming services and are looking for really good speeds, then this might not be the right VPN for you. You could make use of the 1 day free trial and test it out before you commit to a purchase if you are unsure.

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