How To Download Zippyshare From Anywhere

Technology can be extremely frustrating at the best of times. 

Imagine knowing that you’ve finally found the perfect file-sharing software to help you combat your technical woes, only to later find out that access to it has been restricted in your country. Feeling frustrated, you begin searching for an alternative program, but no amount of frantic Google searching is bringing you any luck.

Sound familiar?

Well, sounds like you’ll need to purchase a VPN to help you access the service from anywhere in the world.

While there are many file sharing programs currently out there for your convenience, Zippyshare is one of the most prominent and reliable file-sharing platforms out there. With an ever-growing list of users, its current reputation is unmatched. 

But can you put your trust into Zippyshare? Can you really connect to the service from anywhere? What makes it stand out?

Our article will provide you with answers to the majority of your burning questions. So if you want to know more about the ins and outs of how to use and access Zippyshare from anywhere in the world, please read our handy guide!

What Is Zippyshare?

Founded in 2006, the website has since attracted an impressive number of frequent users throughout the years. While many early competitors have long since been removed, Zippyshare continues to thrive — with millions of daily visitors from all around the world.

The popular file sharing website offers an unlimited hosting space for free. Though this may appear too good to be true, rest assured, the service is completely legitimate!

Zippyshare does exactly as it says on the tin, and should be used to transfer and share small zip files in a discrete and easy way.

You don’t even have to register with the service! But, while Zippyshare is convenient for quickly sharing a small quantity of files without registration, it may be in your best interests to register an account to gain access to extra features if you plan on frequenting the website!

Using the Zippyshare website comes with its own set of small conveniences. Most notably, you have the option to navigate the website in 13 different languages!

Just keep in mind that while Zippyshare is an easy solution for file sharing, it doesn’t offer much else. In other words, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t provide you with all the features and options you may expect from other similar service providers.

Advantages VS Disadvantages


  • There is no limit for downloading files.
  • You have unlimited disk space.
  • You don’t have to sign up for an account to use the services.
  • Best of all, it’s completely free! 


  • It isn’t accessible in every country.
  • You need a VPN if the website won’t load, which can be quite costly. 
  • Like all digital downloads, you risk bringing viruses and other malware onto your laptop or device. Be cautious with the files you choose to download or upload!
  • There is a 30-day file retention limit.

What Is A VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN provides the opportunity to establish a protected network connection when using public networks in order to secure your data.

Quite simply, VPNs encrypt your internet traffic and disguise your online identity which makes it more difficult for third parties to track your digital presence, and obtain your data.

They keep your web traffic and IP address safe through the encryption of your personal data. By routing any connection requests through a VPN, you can secure your personal data!

And, thanks to the handy technology that is VPN, Zippyshare can be accessed from any place at any time. A VPN helps by hiding your real location and tricking Zippyshare into thinking you’re in a country where it’s available.

For example, you can connect to a US VPN server, and Zippyshare will grant you access because it will think that you’re in the US — where it’s readily available.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Download Zippyshare?

Before we get to the actual steps, we want to provide you with more information about the way Zippyshare works. 

The program uses geo-blocks to control the countries that can access the service. A VPN can skirt around these blocks, making uploading and downloading files from all over the world that much easier.

It’s also pretty straightforward: if you try to access the service without the help of a VPN in a restricted or blocked country, a page will come up with an error message  that will prevent you from being able to access the website. 

There is also an additional Zippyshare block. In some countries, government-issued ISPs have been used to block access to the file-sharing site.

In these circumstances, a VPN is very helpful. By masking your online activity, your ISP can’t control the sites you access. Therefore, by using a VPN to hide your location and other personal details, you can easily access Zippyshare and upload files from anywhere in the world!

3 Easy Steps To Downloading Zippyshare

Following on from this information, there are three simple steps that you need to take in order to download Zippyshare using a VPN. The best part? It’s probably nowhere near as difficult as you may expect!

  1. Download a VPN: Find a VPN that you can trust. Companies like ExpressVPN are a great choice due to excellent privacy practices that help to safeguard your information. With over 3,000 servers in 90 countries ready to help you unblock restricted websites, it’s an ideal accompaniment to your Zippyshare experience!
  2. Connect to a Server: Connect to a server in the US. Zippyshare is widely available in the US, so this will grant you access to the Zippyshare software. This is relatively straightforward to do when using a VPN.
  3. Begin Using Zippyshare: Now you are ready to start accessing and uploading files to the Zippyshare platform! 

Zippyshare Apps 

If you’re wondering whether there might be Zippyshare desktop and mobile apps to help you on your way, we’re sorry to disappoint!

There are currently no practical plans or developments for the creation of a Zippyshare smartphone app. Instead, if you wish to upload, access and share content from your phone, you’ll have to use the web browser installed on your mobile device.

You will only be able to access this if you have VPN on your phone, which is relatively simple to install, so make sure you set this up first!

Secondly, though there is a Zippyshare desktop app, it’s nothing special. Much like the website, the desktop app generates URLs once the files have been successfully uploaded to your account.

Overall, it isn’t difficult to understand. Just keep in mind that it acts as more of an upload assistance tool than a functioning app. Therefore, it may be easier for you to head straight to your desktop web browser and upload multiple files directly to the source!

Additional Information

Transporting files to and from Zippyshare is also a piece of cake. Below, we share the basic steps you need to take in order to successfully download and upload files to the website and your own personal tech. 

Downloading Files

Get The Link

We feel this might be a bit self-explanatory, but the first thing you need to do is obtain the exact link of the file you want. Whether that’s a specific episode of your favorite sitcom or a movie, it’s always a good idea to be as precise as possible.

Download The File

When you have the correct link, simply copy and paste it into the browser search bar. Or, to make your life even easier, just click on the link.

When prompted, click the ‘Download Now’ button, and you’re done! Be sure to click out of any advertisements that may pop up. If your file hasn’t downloaded, there’s no need to panic! Simply repeat the above steps until you see the file on your device.

Uploading Files

Prepare Your File

Firstly, prepare the files you want to upload to the Zippyshare site. You can choose any file, up to a maximum size of 500 MB. On the Zippyshare website, select the file that you prepared earlier by clicking the ‘Browse’ button.

Upload Your File 

Then, if the file has been found, continue with the uploading process by clicking the ‘Start Upload‘ button. But, if you want the upload process to be private, it will be in your best interest to check the box with the description ‘Set as Private Upload’ under the upload button.

After that, it’s simply a case of waiting for the uploading process to be completed. To share the link from your uploaded file, simply copy and paste!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Zippyshare’s 403 Error Message Mean?

A 403 error message can be very frustrating if you’re trying to access Zippyshare. Simply put, it means that Zippyshare has blocked users from your country from being able to use the platform, which happens mainly in Spain, Germany, and other European countries. But it’s an issue that can be easily solved!

By connecting to a US server using a strong and reliable VPN, you can trick Zippyshare into believing you are located in the US. If this is successful, you can set up a VPN and start file-sharing on the website within a few short minutes.

Are There Security Risks?

Much like any technology, there is always the potential for security risks when downloading foreign software onto your device.

Using a VPN to access Zippyshare gives you the ability to block adverts, trackers, phishing and malicious websites. However, it isn’t completely effective at protecting your device from advert-based viruses. Therefore, downloading Zippyshare from anywhere does come with a few security risks. 

Though Zippyshare is a relatively straightforward bit of software to navigate, some elements can come at a cost to you. There are many suspicious adverts that can crop up across file sharing links after you have begun to download or upload files to Zippyshare.

Yes, these might appear to be harmless, but they could contain malware. By clicking on suspicious adverts, malware can be installed onto your device — which is extremely inconvenient.

By remaining vigilant and not clicking onto undetected links, you will have more chance of preventing a security breach from happening.

Can Free VPN’s Be Used To Unblock Zippyshare?

No, they can’t. Free VPN’s are very incompatible and are a large risk to your personal data. For example, you may find that a free VPN will leak your IP address and location, rather than protect your privacy. This means that Zippyshare cannot be unblocked.

Also, free VPN’s can be quite slow and unsafe. So even if you did manage to get one of them to work with Zippyshare, there’s a large chance that it will take a longer amount of time to upload a file. 

This issue can be easily solved. Yes, VPN’s can be expensive. But they don’t necessarily have to be!

The vast majority of VPN’s available today give you the chance to sign up for free trials and money-back guarantees, so you can see if you’re compatible with it. If it’s not the VPN for you, just ask for a refund within the guarantee time frame!

Final Summary

With a VPN, downloading Zippyshare and accessing content from anywhere is relatively straightforward. As any bit of technology, it does pose its own minor security risks — but nothing too impactful. By keeping vigilant with the links you choose to click on, you will be able to use the website and its services hassle-free!

It is also quite easy to upload and download files if you are connected to a US server (through a VPN or from an organic US web server). It might take longer to download larger files, but generally, using a VPN to connect you to a server from outside the US is not only convenient but highly beneficial, too!

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