How To Delete Your Tumblr Account Permanently

Tumblr was once renowned as a site where users could easily publish and browse content.

After the platform was bought by Yahoo!, they opted to erase NSFW content with an upgrade in December 2018 owing to bad circumstances and a dispute with the iOS App Store. This has led to a massive decrease in the amount of people using the platform and has been a common reason for people asking, “How can I deactivate my Tumblr account for good?”

This isn’t the only reason people may want to  deactivate their accounts; there could be countless others. The method for deleting your Tumblr account is straightforward, and we’ll show you how. However, you may prefer to delete your account temporarily rather than permanently remove it.

This means that it won’t be visible to other users on the platform, unless you choose to log back in to activate it again. We recommend considering this method first, just in case you change your mind in future. 

Should I Deactivate Or Delete?

With a Tumblr account, you’ll have your own personal blog where you may submit material and follow different people’s blogs. After you’ve created your main blog, you may create secondary blogs that you can use to create private membership groups and limit who you share content with.

All blogs are linked to the Tumblr profile that was used to make them. You can either remove your Tumblr account entirely or deactivate each of your secondary blogs separately.

Your primary blog and Tumblr account will not be affected if you delete a secondary blog. You could only deactivate your main blog if you also deactivate your Tumblr account.

This implies you’ll be kicked out of any groups you’ve engaged in and forfeit any Tumblr credit you’ve earned. Your name and site URL will be returned to the public for usage after your Tumblr account is terminated.

As a result, if you make your decision and want to go back to Tumblr later, your original blog name might not be available.

How To Temporarily Deactivate Your Tumblr Account

Many platforms allow you to temporarily delete your account if you don’t want to bother with profile maintenance or simply don’t feel like it. Tumblr  does not allow you to delete your account temporarily. However, there still are ways to achieve this in a comparable way. You can have multiple blogs on Tumblr.

One is your primary blog; it’s the first one you create when you sign up for an account. Other blogs are referred to as secondary blogs. These are the blogs you make after you sign up for an account.

Tumblr makes it simple to deactivate your secondary blogs. To get rid of these blogs, follow the steps below:

Using A Browser

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on the desktop, select the cog symbol. 
  • Choose whether you wish to erase or keep your Tumblr blog. 
  • Finally, select the ‘Delete blog’ option.

Using The App Store 

  • Log in to your  Tumblr account and go to the Dashboard > Settings. 
  • Select the blog that you want to remove. 
  • Swipe on the blog in the iOS app to click ‘Delete,’ and tap Settings in the Android app to pick ‘Delete this Tumblr.’ 

Your secondary blog has now been removed. You make your secondary blogs closed private club blogs if you don’t want to erase them completely. You can restrict access to your blogs without removing it this way.

How To Permanently Delete Your Tumblr Account

If you simply would like to delete 1 blog from your Tumblr profile, you’ll need to go through a different process. Only for your second blog, you go to your blog’s settings and select “Delete Blog.”

Alternatively, you’ll press a link that reads “Leave Blog” if you’re quitting a community blog and allowing others to remain. It seems that deleting your main or only blog is also related to cancelling your entire Tumblr account. Every one of these decisions are final, so be sure you’ve made your mind up definite before you click this option.

Here’s How To Remove Your Tumblr Account For Good

  1. Go to the account or blog settings.
  2. Examine the consequences of deletion before proceeding.
  3. Press “delete”

If your main blog is your only blog, you can navigate to either your overall settings menu or the preferences for that specific blog. You should be able to locate the “Delete Account” button in either page.

When you cancel your Tumblr profile, it also erases all of the blogs that you run outright and makes your URLs available for anyone to use as a blog name. Unlike removing additional blogs, this feature is only available on a computer web browser. To render this process official, log onto a PC if you’ve been operating with iOS or Android.

You will not be able to recover your account if you click “Delete Account.” Keep in mind that your email address may be used to create a new Tumblr profile, which is useful if you ever want to start afresh.

What If The Owner Of A Tumblr Account Has Passed Away?

On behalf of a deceased person, you can ask that a dormant Tumblr be taken down from the website. We strongly advise removing private accounts and social media profiles for your lost one as part of your grieving process. This protects their confidential info and prevents the profile from falling into the wrong hands.

You can utilise the above procedure if you already have log-in information, however most individuals will need to contact a Tumblr administrator for assistance. Here are the actions to take to make this a reality:

  • Begin by inquiring about the account with Tumblr. 
  • After that, provide any more information they require.

Inform Tumblr assistance using the Tumblr official support and include your loved one’s Tumblr URL or login. Add to your request that the Tumblr profile be taken down and deleted, as well as proof of your loved one’s death, such as an obituary or death certificate.

“Something else” is perhaps your best option from the menu bar of categories. If you wish to submit the death certificate or a copy of the obituary, you’ll find an attachment option here. 

Although providing this data may seem excessive, it can help speed up the process in some circumstances. You can wait until the support representative reaches you individually if you don’t want to disclose that information just yet.

Tumblr’s customer service team would either verify the deletion or contact you with a query or issue. You can contribute by replying quickly and providing any proof of identification they require, such as verification that you are the inheritance manager. In any scenario, you can check the Tumblr page’s open URL to see if it’s been erased.

How To Keep Your Information Private Online

There have been a lot of instances wherein customers’ data has been exposed on social media sites, the most high-profile of which was the Cambridge Analytica controversy back in 2018. It definitely made the average internet more aware of the dangers we face when exposing personal information on the internet.

There are a couple of steps that may significantly boost your internet safety and confidentiality. Protecting your smartphone is one such method. Losing our cellphone is not an option for many of us because it is so important to our career and social lives. The volume of information that hackers may steal from a mobile phone is pretty scary.

Fortunately, many Vpn services now support smartphones, including Apple and Android devices. Using a VPN on your smartphone will safeguard and encrypt your information over a safe web connection, regardless of where you are.

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will provide robust end-to-end encryption over a network or internet connection while talking on the phone. Most VoIP apps will also include the ability to send protected texts and emails.

In addition to deactivating your Tumblr profile, there are other precautions you may take to preserve your privacy when utilising social media sites. The first stage is to become conscious of what is going on, and you should be familiar with the following:

  • Even if you change your privacy controls, Tumblr could be gathering information about users, which raises privacy issues “behind the scenes.”
  • When you upload a photo to Tumblr, it usually comes with metadata, which includes information like the area where the picture was shot as well as the timestamp.
  • Learn how the social media platforms interact with other applications and how information may be shared between programmes or between apps made by the same people. It’s likely, for instance, that Tumblr exchanges information with other Yahoo! services.

You could also do the following to preserve your anonymity when using social media:

  • Before you share, consider the following: Remember that information circulated on social media is available to the public, so keep in mind that your posts and images will be seen by a huge number of people.
  • Read the following information about our privacy policies: Knowing and understanding the social network’s privacy policy and alter your settings properly, as well as how your data is gathered, used, and sold.
  • Change your privacy settings to control how your data is shared and what will be kept under wraps by adjusting your privacy controls within applications.

Can I Make A New Tumblr Account If I’ve Deleted One Previously?

Yes! If you delete an account, it doesn’t imply you can’t use Tumblr anymore. Your email account and even your old name could be used to register a new Tumblr profile if you’ve verified the cancellation of an old account.

A new account created with the identical details will not inherit any material or preferences from the prior account. When renaming a private account as a business account or vice versa, this can be handy.

How Can I Delete A Tumblr Post?

So long as you’re logged in, you may remove Tumblr posts either from your smartphone Tumblr application or your web Tumblr homepage.

On mobile, you’ll notice a trash symbol at the foot of your message that you may click. When you’re using a laptop or tablet browser, select “delete” from the settings icon at the end of the post.

Should I Delete My Tumblr Account?

Tumblr’s popularity peaked a few years ago. Although it is still a popular blogging site, you may well have discovered a better place to blog. You may even be at a point where you wish to have less of an online persona or completely remove yourself from the internet.

If you’re planning resources for your relatives after you die, eliminating your Tumblr may not even be your top priority. End-of-life preparation technologies can help the process go more smoothly. Your loved ones would be able to say goodbye without having to deal with the hassles of online profiles and possible breaches of privacy.

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